Notepad++ v8.2.1 Final+Portable x86/x64 多语言中文正式版-开源文本编辑器

Notepad++ – 小巧高效的文本编辑器、非常适合编辑网页代码!Notepad++是一款优秀免费的源代码编辑器,支持语法高亮的开源纯文本编辑器,并且可以替代系统自带 的记事本的功能。Notepad++更是程序员们编写代码的利器!它运行便携,体积小巧、资源占用小,支持众多程序语言,比如C++、C#、Java等主 流程序语言;支持HTML、XML、ASP,Perl、Python、JavaScript等网页/脚本语言。Notepad++作为程序员们最喜爱的编 辑器之一,像语法高亮,语法折叠,宏等编辑器常用功能一个都不少。

Notepad++ 支持的语言: C, C++ , Java , C#, XML,Ada, HTML, PHP, ASP, AutoIt, 汇编, DOS批处理, Caml, COBOL, Cmake, CSS, D, Diff, ActionScript, Fortran, Gui4Cli, HTML, Haskell, INNO, JSP, KIXtart, LISP, Lua, Make处理(Makefile), Matlab, INI文件, MS-DOS Style, NSIS, Normal text, Objective-C, Pascal, Javascript。

Notepad++ 将检查程序使用的所有组件(SciLexer.dll, GUP.exe and nppPluginList.dll)的SHA256哈希值。还有一个重要的更新是,从 7.6.3 版本开始,Notepad++ 已支持 Markdown,但由于安装程序没有正确部署所需的文件,导致出现了一些错误。现在 7.6.4 版本已经修复了该错误,可正常使用 Markdown。


Notepad++ v8.2 new features and bug-fixes:

1. Add exclude folder(s) capacity in Find in Files (mouse hover on “Filters” label for getting the example on tool-tip).
2. Fix UTF-8 detected wrongly as TIS-620 encoding issue.
3. Add auto save loaded session on exit feature (while “Open session in a new instance” is set in Multi-instance settings).
4. A comprehensive fix for dockable panels losing background color when switching back Notepad++.
5. Fix memory leak while toggling between Dark/Lite Mode.
6. Fix caret left-right inverse moving in RTL mode issue.
7. Fix Document List icons unchanged issue after switching to dark mode or changing to alternative icons.
8. Fix incorrect folding behaviour in C, C++, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript and Objective-C.
9. Update boost regexp from v1.76 to v1.78
10. “Rename tab” name field enlargement (from 20 to 63 char!).
11. Apply “crontab” file to the syntax highlighting of bash.

Notepad++ v8.1.9.1 bug-fixes and new enhancement:

1. Fix a regression of saving problem.
2. Fix a regression of reloading false alarm from the network drive.
3. Make Function list/Project panel/Folder as Workspace icon display correct under high DPI.
4. Make UDL generic dark mode (working for all dark theme) possible via UDL UI.
5. Fix phantom docked panels issue after restoring from systray.
6. Enable backup on save (simple) feature by default (only for the new installation).

Notepad++ v8.1.9 bug-fixes:

1. Fix empty file with non-Unicode encoding cannot be saved issue.
2. Fix language list in Style Configurator not being reloaded issue.

Notepad++ v8.1.8 bug-fixes:

1. Fix config files (XML) saving performance regression.
2. Workaround Microsoft dark mode API bug of Windows 11.




x86 for Windows 安装版:

x64 for Windows 安装版:

>for ARM64 安装版:

x86 for Windows 绿色免安装版:

x64 for Windows 绿色免安装版:

for ARM64 绿色免安装版:




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